Enjoy our fun and charming lessons to learn Italian. Meet colorful characters who will teach you Italian phrases ... as you accompany them in a piazza, on a train, checking in to a hotel, all the way to a ski lift in the Alps. Ideal for students, travelers, and teachers wanting a resource for language instruction. Leave the textbooks behind and Avanti!

Beginner Lessons

Why Learn Italian

Spoken by 85 million people, Italian is a global language of art, food and love. A daughter of Latin, it is an ideal gateway to other Romance languages.

Its sounds can sweep you into the Tuscan countryside with your ‘amore’, to a trattoria for un piatto di pasta with vino rosso. Listen to its musicality in the operas of Rossini, Puccini, and Verdi.

Italian films have won 14 Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film ... discover Vittorio De Sica and Federico Fellini.

With the 8th largest economy in the world, reach millions of family enterprises from Torino to Roma ... imparare la lingua Italiana!

Listen to Italian

Intermediate Lessons

Click on your favorite lesson above to sample simple dialogues in Italian ... with vocabulary lists, easy grammar notes, pronunciation tips as well as cultural notes. Then click on the "Review Quiz" for a fun way to test your knowledge! Whenever you have an Italian grammar question (or need to check a verb conjugation), simply click on a handy Quick Reference tab at left.